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In connection with academic courses and other academic programs and associated services, Odiliya frequently partnered with many types of organization all across the world - nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, multinational corporations, NGO's and national governments.

become a partner

When Odiliya's role is well coordinated and the capacity to engage with the consortium in the form of strategic, course contents and/or financial contributions, we are keen on knowing from your institution where it is now and how online/blended learning is planned. Odiliya offers its partners a range of technical, marketing and instructional services for the participating member institutions in the academic modules and other educational programs. Please contact us if you are interested in partnership with Odiliya to offer courses, programs or services.

Please contact us if you are a corporation or business interested in the development of your staff through odiliia academy.

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The courses consists of video presentations, reading materials, quizzes and assessments.