Partnership with MSU


Areas of cooperation

1. Joint TnD


1. Training programmes

  1. Civil Service Leadership
  2. Middle to Senior Civil Servants
  3. Industry Executives

2. Executive Study Tours - to Malaysia

  1. Meet the top civil servant
  2. Meet Ministry for Industry and Trade
  3. Minister/Ministry for Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives
  4. The training organisations under MEDAC

3. “The MSU’s 100 Club”

  1. Encourage technology-based start-ups.
  2. Technology Parks and Innovation Hubs
  3. Special Zones – Favoured status. Malaysia or Singapore?
  4. Consultancy Projects

4. Enterprise initiatives and MSMEs

  1. Audit report – Consultancy and follow up training.
  2. Training of staff and MoIC Executive
  3. Development of officers
  4. Entrepreneur in Action Programmes
  5. Creativity themes.

5. Cooperatives

  1. Senior officials
  2. Staff training

2. Joint RnD

  1. Joint Research conferences (Physical and Virtual both) and the corresponding Journal
  2. Joint Research for Govt and Companies

3. Joint CSR

  1. Awareness programmes and conference on selected topics (Ex: Global warming)
  2. MSU/MSI Alumni/Annual Event
  3. MSI conference and student programmes

4. Joint Edu Courses 

  • Facilitate Capital for Advertising (Full)
  • Facilitate Platform sup port through (Odiliya academy websites and social media platforms, promote the course provided by MSU/MSI)
  • Participation/Coordination support to all the Field Visits (Once a week)
  • Sub Resource Supplier (Lecturers and Course Modules) if needed.
  • Liaising Agent to bring more prospective client/student base.
  • Bringing Sponsorships for MSU/MSI events

Marketing Plan

  • Meeting with potential PhD alumni to bring prospective students
  • Webinar on Macro teaching opportunities and Return in Education
  • Workshops and brainstorming session for the students as well as employees in some selected companies (very other week following the agreement)
  • School visits and Tuition classes visits
  • Open Days & Exhibition
  • Social Media Promotion: Inform students on discount opportunities for early registration and
  • scholarship opportunities based on performances. Emails- sending the details to the generated enquiries (In weekly basis)

From MSU

  • Main Academic Body of Conduction
  • Main Certificate Provider
  • Main Resource Supplier (Exam Design)
  • Registrar Process

The courses consists of video presentations, reading materials, quizzes and assessments.