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Odiliya Learning and Education

The objective of Odiliya is to form universal standards of learning and education and on every subject at every level. We think that anyone should have access, regardless of nationality, to information and skills and should be a global empowering opportunity. This is straightforward. On every subject for which Odiliya produces material, Odiliya cooperates with the topic experts (SME) from education, business, and industry and government organizations. They apply their applicable knowledge to develop the courses on our platform. These courses are then freely opened to the public. This direct link of the skilled with the upward skill enables us to build new courses quickly and to update current courses in a rapidly changing environment where information is not static. In particular, it allows us to give everyone who wants to learn subjects.


The CEPD London, an independent institution, is now accrediting Odliya courses. Accredited CEPD training implies that the learning activity is consistent with the necessary criteria and benchmarks for continuous professional development and that the learning value is examined to guarantee integrity and quality. This CEPD Certification is compliant with global educational standards with the recognized independent CEPD accreditation. Once you successfully complete a certificate course on Odiliya, you can obtain your certificate

High Academic Standards

While subject-specific experts who develop our courses ensure that their content is kept up to date with valued expertise and skills, Odiliya ensures that all courses maintain consistent pedagogical expertise to be structured and easy to follow and communicate valuable data to students clearly. Odiliya also ensures that all courses are well structured.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Any version of this Privacy Policy written in a language other than English is given for your convenience, and you understand and agree that in the event of a disagreement, the English version will take precedence.

It respects your rights in terms of your information and privacy and provides this Privacy Policy to assist you understand how we collect, share, use, communicate and keep information. We receive from or about you when using the Services. We offer you with information about us. This Privacy Policy applies when you utilize Our Services, unless otherwise indicated or unless we give a link to another policy, where we link to this Privacy Policy. In addition, this privacy policy outlines the choices you can make regarding the use of, your access to and how your information may be updated and corrected. As used herein the term "use" shall mean use, access, install, sign into, connect with, download, visit or browse the Services, as defined in the terms of use.

YOU AND ODILIYA HAVE ENTERED INTO A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT, AND BY USING THE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND THE TERMS OF USE. This Privacy Policy should be read in combination with Our Terms of Service and any other agreement or policy. If You do not agree to this Privacy Policy, Our Terms of Service, or any other agreement or policy that controls Your use of the Services, You should not use them.

You provide us information directly

Odiliya Academy may gather from and about you various information based on the way you use the services. The following examples might help you understand better the information that we can get via your usage of the Services.

Please note that Odiliya is not responsible for how the information that is open to the public or then available to others having access to the Services.

When you register for the Services and use the Services (including a third-party platform) we gather all information you submit directly to us:

Information on Registration

You must sign up for an account to access certain elements of the Services, such as the course, and, where applicable, We will gather and retain any registration data you have supplied to us, such as email address, age, password, and birth date.

Information on Profile

You can also supply more information about you, including, but not limited to, photo, headline, web link, social network accounts or other information you may wish to input for profile creation. You will be visible to others publicly for your profile and profile information.

Public Posting / Shared Content:

You may involve in sharing, publishing the transmit contents with other students and users for example by posting remark on a course page, submitting testimonials or postings of pictures, and sending messages to others. Postings and shared content may be collected and stored. The publicly available or otherwise visible shared content or public posts may be viewed by others depending on where the content is placed.

In this way, you provide Odiliya Academy a non-exclusive right and permit to copy, distribute, make public use of public postings, market and share content, or utilize them.

Information on Courses

Odiliya allows you to register and attend online courses in a range of subjects taught by publishers, including reviewing courses by others. We gather information on the course taking, including the subject, course and evaluation completion activities without restriction and other things presented to meet the requirements of the course.

You hereby consent to the exchange of registration data, profile information for the publisher. Odiliya academy will not give publishers with student email addresses. Odiliya cannot monitor the treatment of registration information, profile and course information by publishers and is not responsible for the use of that information by publishers.

Payment Information

If you make purchases using our Services, for example, for courses, we may collect some of your purchase information (for example, your name and address). You will need to supply our payment processors, including, but not limited to, credit card information, billing address and zip code, your name, with certain payment and billing information. Your payment card information is not available, stored or collected.

Information gathered by third party platform

The services may contain links from third parties or you can use Third Party Platforms like Facebook to access the Services. When you use Our Services on a third-party platform or through it (including mobile devices and/or other Internet-connected devices) or click on third-party links, it shall also be subject to privacy policies and other terms of such Third-Party Platforms to collect, use and divulge your information and your use of the Services. These privacy policies, conditions, and other agreements should be reviewed.

If you use our services via a 3rd party platform, you enable us to collect and use certain information in accordance with the rules of the third party platform, your confidentiality settings, and this privacy policy from your Third party platform profile or account.

Support Requests, Potential abuse and Communications

If you contact us for help, concern, abuse, or any other problem related to the Services, including before creating an Account, We may recapture and store your contact information, communication or other information, such as, but not restricted to, your name, e-mail address, location, operational system, IP address or any other information that you provide. We retain the right to continue investigation and, if required, request further information.

We retain the right to continue investigation and, if required, request further information. We will use the information in line with the rules of this Privacy Policy to reply to you and investigate your request/communication.

Cookies and Data Collection Tools

Odiliya Academy may, like many other web-sites and application providers, use server log files and automated data collection tools, such as tags, scripts, device or browser fingerprints cookies, and web-based web beacons when you access our Services and use them on our behalf.

We utilize cookies for many reasons, such as: to evaluate the use of our Services; to offer you with a more tailored experience; help to improve the efficiency and value of your usage of our services by providing you with a personalized experience and recognizing you when you return.

Odiliya uses the following types of cookies

Preferences- We use cookies to record your browser information and how you choose to use our Service, i.e. to remember your favorite settings which impact the experience of how our services look at you or comply with them when you access them and/or use them, such as your chosen language. Preference cookies enhance the functioning and customization of your experience of engaging with our services.

Security-In order to secure your account against fraudulent log-ins from others or to assist identify, fight against or protect against abuse or unauthorized use of your account, we employ Security Cookies to allow you to login and use Our service.

Functional- In order to make our experience better with the usage of our services like the volume you prefer your movies to play, we employ functional cookies.

State Session -We collect information about the interaction between you and our services using session cookies to help us improve our services and improve your browsing experience. In order to remember and execute your purchases of courses, we utilize session cookies. These are considered to be strictly required for the service to function. If these are deactivated, our services will be damaged by different functions.

You may configure your Web browser to warn about attempts to make cookies on your computer, restrict the types of cookies you accept or deny cookies; but some or all of the features of the Services may not be used by you, or if you refuse / disable cookies, your experience will differ or be unfunctional. You agree to the use of our cookies as defined in this privacy policy through the use of Our services, websites and other data collection tools.


Our service allows us to utilize third-party browsers and mobile analytics, not limited to, but includes Google Analytics. These services providers utilize the above-mentioned technologies to assist us evaluate how users use Services, noting how frequently you use the Services, how many events occur within the Service, how much data they consume, how performing information they download the application from.

Online Advertising

We may employ third party advertising technology that enable advertising for our Services to be sent to other websites you visit and other apps you use. These advertising may take into account several variables, such as the content of the website you visit, information you enter, such as your age and gender, your searches, demographic information, user-generated material and other information we gather from you. These advertising can be built over time and across different websites and on-line services on your present activity and suited to your own interests.

Neither have we access or do we have this Policy, the use of non-affiliated third-party ad technology, ad servers, ad network and any other non-affiliate parties of cookies or other tracking techniques which may be installed on your computer or mobile phone or other device you use to access the services. 

How we use our collection of information

In order to: provide, manage and enable the use of services by Odiliya, including to show personalized content, the information we gather can be used by Your use of services;

Process or deliver Your certificate, product, service, information or feature requests or orders

Communicate with you about your account by: answering your questions or concerns; sending you the Service and administrators and information, including instructional remarks, changes to the Service and updates to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy;

Emailing or giving information in the App regarding your course development, award programmes, new services, new features, promotions and other courses that you may opt out of at any moment; Understanding and improving services and developing facilities;

Activate communication and engagement amongst users;

Manage options of your account and establish information about your profile and registration;

Facilitate the technical operation of services, including troubleshooting and resolving problems without limitation, safeguarding services, and prevent fraud and abuse;

Answer inquiries and concerns of customer assistance and settle conflicts;

Create, evaluate, analyze and exchange technical information; technical information;

Analyze user traffic and trends, track buying and using information;

When and How We May Share/Disclose Your Information with Third Parties

Business partners of third parties, service providers, contractors or agents

We may share your information in the form of payment processing, order fulfillment, data analyzes, marketing services, advertising services, e-mail and hostings services as well as customer care and support services with third-party organizations that provide services on our behalf. One example of these third party firms is Stripe, though. These third party providers can access and use your personal information for the purposes of our desired service only as instructed by Us.

Your information may also be shared with third parties that we partner with to provide you with specific services relating to the Services. The collection and use of information by these partners is subject to their privacy policies and other terms and conditions. These rules, conditions and other agreements should be revised. We will share your personal information with third parties who offer these e-mail job warnings on our behalf. We will send them to you.

Promotional Activities

We may disclose your information in relation to any promotion you provide, on or via the Services, in compliance with the applicable laws, rules or regulations, as needed, as necessary for administering, commercializing, sponsoring and fulfilling the promotion. Your information may be shared with a third party to help us operate the promotion.

For the sake of displaying general demographic and preferential information among our users we may use and share with third party advertisers (and other third parties) some technical information, use and aggregation information. We may also allow marketers through the use of tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons for collecting technical information or collecting information which they may share with us.

Social Media Usage

We may integrate elements in social media like the Facebook Like button on our services. Our integration of these functions may enable social media from third parties to gather some data such as your IP address, which page you view when using our services, and to establish a cookie to enable the feature to work correctly. The elements of social media are provided by a third party or hosted through our services directly. The privacy policy of the firm providing these features governs your interactions with them.

Safeguarding your information

Odiliya Academy takes reasonable safeguards to ensure that the data you give and we gather and keep is unauthorized access or unauthorized change, disclosure or destruction. These safeguards differ according to the sensitivity of the information we gather and store. Unfortunately, however, we cannot ensure that 100% of the information we collect via the Services is sent between you and Odiliya, the Services or any information that we give in connection with the information we gather from the Services is not unlawful by third parties.

Unfortunately, however, we cannot 100% ensure that the interactions between you and Odiliya, the services or any data given to the users with regard to the information we receive via the services are free from any unauthorized access by third parties.

Your preference for use of your information

You can always decide not to provide us some data, but you cannot access certain aspects of the Services. You can opt out by: following the steps provided for you to unsubscribe in the promotional message you get if you do not want to receive promotional messages from Us;

or by logging into your accounts, selecting the dashboard link on the site header on the Your Profile button, and setting the Odiliya Email option to No.

Note that we will continue send transaction and/or relationship communications to you, including administrative confirmations, order confirmations, critical Services updates and notifications concerning our rules, despite your opt-out decision or your specified e-mail preferences.

Account deletion and Termination

You can contact us through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are a Learning person and want to deactivate your Learning account. In order to react to your request in 48 hours we shall make reasonable commercial efforts.

You should be aware that some or all your information may still remain available to others after your accounts are canceled or deleted, including but not limited to:

1. Included in others Content of the user, comments, posts, presentations, including but not limited to the remarks of the course;

2. the other Users are copied, stored or distributed;

3. You or others, as in a public posting, distribute or spread;

4. uploaded on the platform of a third party.

Your account termination will not cause the collected information or any information already entered in a comprehensive form to be removed, or which cannot, in Odiliya's sole discretion, be erased without undue difficulty. Odiliya may or must not remove any of your information from a 3rd party platform.

We may also preserve your information, even after you delete your account or your account is cancelled, as much as our purpose is legally justified. Furthermore, your data may not be removed from third party servers that you use to access our Services.

For legitimate purposes such as assisting in any lawful duty, settling disputes and enforcing Our agreements, we may store backup copies of Your information on Our servers/databases or approved third party servers/databases. Such information may be provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy, regardless of the removal or termination of your account.

Privacy Policy Modifications

We may change the Privacy Policy from time to time. If we modify our Privacy Policy in any substantial manner we will notify you, if required by the law, through email or by notification posted to our website. Changes shall take effect on the day that they are posted, unless otherwise specified.

Questions and Clarifications

If you have any questions or issues regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include in the subject line "Privacy policies" so that you may send your letter to the right persons.

Cookies Policy of Odiliya

Cookies are tiny text files that you are browsing the Internet, installed on your computer or device. Cookies can be used to collect, store and distribute information on your actions, including on Odiliya, through websites and services. They also allow us to remember things like your choice of language and other preferences about your visit to Odiliya Academy and make the site overall simpler for you to use.

Odiliya utilizes cookies and persistent cookies during both sessions. To identify a specific visit to Odiliya, a session cookie is utilized. These cookies will expire after a short period of time or after using Odiliya, you close your web browser. In one browsing session, such as when connecting to Odiliya, we utilize these cookies to identify you. For a certain time indicated in the cookie, a persistent cookie will stay on your devices. We use these cookies to identify you for a longer duration. For example, if you wanted us to keep you logged in, we would utilize a persistent cookie.


We, our affiliates, and our managers, directors, staff and agents shall be held blameless against all claims, liabilities, damage, losses or expenses incurred or in any way linked to or incurred as a result of any breach by you of these General Terms and Conditions.


Without any guaranties, conditions or assurances on the accuracy of the material included in the courses on the website, Odiliya does not represent the accuracy or completeness of material included or available on the website and should, therefore, not be used as such. You are not supposed to depend on such information. Any arrangements you make with anyone else, using or naming on the Site, shall be fully at your personal risk and liability.

We and third parties related to us hereby expressly exclude as far as is allowed by law:

Liability of any user for loss or loss suffered in connection with the use of this site or any website connected therein or any material on it, or the inability to use it or any outcomes it has of its use;

Any obligation for any bugs or defects in our tools or systems;

Liability, without limitation, for any damages or losses incurred in relation to or in connection with use, inability to use or outcome of the use of this website, any web sites linked to it and all the material posted on this site, including: loss of income or income; loss of business; loss of business profit; loss of profits or loss of income; loss of good will; loss of anticipated income and savings.


The courses consists of video presentations, reading materials, quizzes and assessments.