Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez


Alfonso Vargas 12 05 05

holds a bachelor’s degree (1985) and a PhD in Business Administration (1993) from the University of Seville (Spain). In addition, he has the Diploma on Senior Management of Universities issued by Antonio de Nebrija and Politécnica de Cataluña Universities (2007), as well as the Certificate of Specialization on Tourism Destination Planning awarded by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2009). At present (since 2001), he is a Full Professor at the University of Huelva, in its Management and Marketing Department.

Since 1985/1986, when he started his career in higher education, he has taught different subjects in the field of Strategic Management, both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and doctorate programs, in Spanish and English. He has been distinguished by the University of Huelva with the 2002/2003 Teaching Excellence Diploma, and the 2006/2007 Teaching Excellence & Quality Award as a member of the online teaching group of the Faculty of Labour Studies.

Prof. VARGAS has carried out academic activities, both in researching and teaching, in different Universities and higher education institutions around the world. For instance, in UK he has served as Visiting Professor at the School of Business and Entrepreneurship of the RAU, and as a member of its Advisory Council (2013-2016), in Indonesia at the School of Business of President University (March 2017) and in Italy at the Economics Department of Messina University (Italy, March-April 2018). Currently, he is Visiting Professor in the UK at the York St John Business School (2010-), and invited researchers at the University of the Algarve (Portugal). Additionally, he collaborates, as external expert, with the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), in Portugal, and the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), in Lithuania.


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